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Hybrid System and DC Pump in Na Korn Sachasima Province




In the past ENGINEO has been asked to created alternative energy systems to produce energy to run lighting and other houselold devices. This was the first project that ENGINEO has been a part of that incorporated a pump. The ability to run a pump in areas without electricity is increadably valuable because those areas do not typically have running water or irragation systems.

Normally, pumps have AC moters which need a large amount of energy to start. Typically three times more than reguired to keep the pump running. The alternative energy system that would run this pump would have to first have a battery bank and a ery large inverter to convert the DC current of the battery to AC and to be able to with stand the large amount of power needed to start the moter. To cut the cost of the system it is possible to use a 3 phase DC pump. The 3 phase would decrease the amount of power needed to start the pump. Because the pump runs on DC current there would not have to be an invertor in the system. Ordinarily this system would have a battery bank, control charger and breaker switch.

For this project ENGINEO designed a system that does not have a battery bank. This means that the pump can only be run when the solar panels or wind generator are creating electricity. The control box contains a automatic switch to shut off the pump if the lake water levels get to low.


100W wind generator and four 80W mono crystaline solar panels.


Support beams were designed by ENGINEO.


The solar panels were wired in series to supply 48V.


Control box.


The pump has a protective roof.


Two inch piping was used

The water from the pump flows into the rice fields.



The pump is able to run when ever there is sun or wind.







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