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SMA smart grid inverter Germany

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AVATIS wind turbine
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Engineo sells energy efficient and renewable energy products including Solar panels, Wind turbines, LED traffic lights and LED garden lamps.  Products are designed by a team of Engineo engineers to comply with industry wide standards.  All solar panels meet IEC 61215 specifications and pass SGS inspection.  In this way we can be confident about the quality of the products we sell to our customers.
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Solar roof project for factory

830 thifilm solar modules are installed on the roof of factory to reducing electric bill. 450,000 watt per day generated by solar power saved power energy more than 40%

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Solar power for small temple in Mea Wang, Chiang Mai province

Hello fans of ENGINEO team, now is autumn season in Thailand. It is so good time in Thailand many peoples are traveling. It is because of good weather. The temple is top for tourism need to visiting at least spend a little bit time. Some temples are located far always from power grid they are still need some of power. Then solar PV seems like good solution for this case. However, there are some question for appropriate system using for stand alone such as how much watt power ? and  how many  devices can be used?. Those questions are not easy to answer. We believe that the photos of projects will help to make idea to our fans. This project is good answer and it will make you understand easily


Solar street light a choice of future lighting

In Thailand, solar PV for street light seems like more population that because of the cost are coming down and convenient. ENGINEO team is manufacturing and installation. We can make by order or design and make as your idea with 8 years experience. you will not worry about quality and operation problems.


Solar water pump, smart solution for agriculture future

We provided high quality of solar water pump with good experience of our engineer team. SQFlex-Solar, Grunfos are known well in solar market which is top one in the world.

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Solar roof 20,000 Watt installed at Schneider factory in Thailland

20,000 kW Solar pv grid tie system was installed on the car park roof at Schneider factory, Bangpu, Thailand by Engineo team. The aim of this project are to reduce electric bill and renewable energy promoting for education. The capacity is 20,000 watts per hour or around 80,000-100,000 watts per day. There are power generation monitoring system displaying on LED TV with carbon foot print are also shown

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Solar roof project

ENGINEO appointed authorized distributes and services under the brands of " Schneider" which is the leading of the solar electric products in the world. Grid tie inverter of Schneider are approved a validation from the MEA and the PEA using into solar roof project. The production of PV electricity could be sold to the grid by passing Schneider grid tie inverter. ENGINEO provides solar power system design, installationt for solar roof project with a professional engineer. We focus on quality products and suitably design and installation. We are ensure that you will be impression with very good engineer team.

Plug and share of PV grid connected system at Thammasat University

The smart energy with green solution is now approved by PV grid connected. ENGINEO’s team designed the PV grid connected system and installed to Thammasat University (Top three Universities in Thailand). The electric power from PV is generated and feed to the grid directly. It used for electric reduction and also shears to two stations of bike station. This project is free power charging for student or peoples who using electric bike in University. The power is shared from PV grid tie system. However, this project is still as a prototype of energy care and green energy education promoting. Thank you for funding from provincial electrical authority (PEA)


Bangchak petroleum solar roof project, Phahonyothin road

The photos galleries of PV mounting and commissioning at Bangchak petroleum station are installed by ENGINEO team. This is first of forth stations of 11 kw solar roof project.  



Special price of Solar roof project

Grid tie inverter (Grid) 3-5 kW

Grid tie inverter(Grid) 8-20kW


PV breaker

DC breaker

AC protection
250w TRINA solar

240 w SHARPsolar

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PV cable PVF-1
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PV mouting
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Conservation and alternative energy products

Solar advertising flashing signs

Solar warning flashing light

Solar flasing signs

Mini windmill

200 Watt windmill
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400 watt hi speed windmill
Solar modules
Solar home set

Solar power meter
Solar set for guardhouse
Solar button light

Solar time label
Solar street light
Solar aquarium air pump

Solar stove
Solar cap
Solar module analyser

DC power moter
Hydro turbine

Kapal hydro turbine

Ultrabright LED

LED spot light

LED spot light 10 mm

์ LED spot light (hi power)

LED tube T8


LED traffic light

Convex mirror

DC fan
DC water pump
Solar charge controller

SQFlex Solar water pump
Morningstar chager controller
Deep cycle battery for solar

LED warning sings
Solar power port EN-90

Solar power pack 10w
Battery made in USA
small LED tube 1.5 watt
ป้ายลูกศรเตือน LED


Biogas is a clean and renewable fuel (similar to LPG) that you can make yourself. We provided Bigas equipment for you


Biogas stove
Biogas pot

Biogas lamp

The solution is new topic that talk about our projects. Due to many costomer contacted ENGINEO and would like to know more installation detail. There are many issues to people interesed in energy conservation system. This will be included the samples of work and troubleshooting.

Engineo's team are very pleased to give advice on all alternative energy system whether small or large system to educate those who are interested.
To guide further development of Thailand. (Do not forget to follow up and cheer on the ENGINEO).

Solar PV stand alone system for temple
Solar street light a choice of futher lighting
3,000 watt solar PV stand alone system for forest protection
Green house solar PV
for herble
Bangchak petroleum solar roof project, Phahonyothin road
่ Solar water pump for village water supply

่ Solar water pump for agriculture and land dry reduction
Stand alone solar power system at Cheng Daw, Chiang Mai province
Wind turbine for home lighting
Energy power backup by using smart solar power system
Stand alone solar power system 2.18 Kwatt at school
Green energy for Royal project at Doi in tanon, Chaing Mai provinc
7 site of solar corp house for Royal project
Solar water pump for community village
Royal flower fair 2554



Students from ISDSI visiting ENGINO

Photos of seminar " Solar business and management " at Mercure hotel, Chiang Mai

Students from KMUTT visiting ENGINEO

ENGINEO engineer invited to be speaker at Energy business and saving energy Innovation for Solar Technology in Future seminar"

The meeting of Depvelopment of People Respondsible for Energy

ENGINEO booth at PRE meeting

ENGINEO executive visits green power generation village projects, and welcome Deputy Director-General the Department of Energy and Energy Conservation
ENGINEO get win Thailand Energy Awards 2010 category of alternative energy.
ENGINEO energy roadshows . "Innovation markets of Chiang Mai and Lanna handicraft village tourism" on July 30 - August 3, 2553.

Student interns from the United States with ENGINEO, two years of collaboration.

"World alternative energy sciences 2009" during 5-8 March 2552, IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani.

ENGINEO and Naresuan University are Development cooperation projected. Wireless traffic is powered by a solar cel
Technology policy and specification seminar for the purchase of electricity from small power producers. During the 7-8 August 2551.


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Sterling Education set

LED Street light

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Smart energy monitoring

Smart power inverter

Electric wireless monitoring

LED airrow

Battery made in USA.

Solar flasing light

Solar oven

SMD LED street light

small wind turbine for low wind speed


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Sola street light

Solar school warning

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Stanad alone solar PV

Solar PV at University

Gas station PV roof top

Royal project @ Chiang Mai

Solar pump on mountian

Solar pump for agriculture

Energy demo at Museum

Solar corp house

Solar water pump system

Energy Demo at nation park

Solar power at TOYOTA

SALAWIN, project

Pico turbine generater demostration
Improve solar powe

Solar power demo

Alternative energy application at hospital

Solar wind hybrid system

Hybrid for water pump

olar wind hybrid for lighting

small wind turbine for a home

small wind turbine for a home

ATS system for solar power

Solar power at Chiang Mai U.